Achievements 2015

Achievements in 2015

Here is a list of the achievements we are most proud of in 2015.

20 January -  Some of us were invited to the NEMS walk in centre to run a "mystery shopper" exercise with their staff. Their staff coped with one of us acting  as a confused deaf person whilst others acted as concerned local deaf people. We preoduced a brief report and passed it on to their management team.

February - We won a grant of £1500 from the East Midlands Academic Health and Science Network to help with our patient-public involvement projects.

 6 February - we attended the British Society of Mental Health and Deafness regional meeting in Derby. We engaged with presentations from the BDA in Derby, Rampton Hospital's High Secure Deaf Service, Leicester Healthwatch and Sign Health's IAPT service 'BSL Healthy Minds'.

26 February - We held a listening event for Nottingham University Hospital's Audiology department and  Nottingham City CCG who commission this service.

24 April - We held our first AGM. We discussed our constitution with the Deaf community. The constiution was agreed  and officers for the group were voted into office - the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

18 May - We held an information day for the Deaf community with local health services, social services, transport and the Police force.

18 June - We met with the manager from the local IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)

service, Let's Talk. We discussed how it is accessible to deaf people.

24 July - Most of us attended the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Annual General Meeting. We had an information stall at the event. We networked with other exhibitors and discussed aspects of Deaf people's access to services with several people including Ruth Hawkins, the Chief Executive of the Trust.

21 November - Michelle & Kevin went to the "Bridging the Gap" conference at the University of Manchester.

We watched presentations about the Deaf community in Uganda, research using the internet to collect BSL videos from Deaf people's interviews and answers to questions, as well as the BSL-Bill campaign in Scotland by the BDA with Ruth Hepner. We also engaged in a seminar discussion about research, academics and the Deaf community.